Deano ( Dean Allmark)

Dean Allmark

Superslam Wrestling 

Certifications –ED 2016

Deano has been and is and will be and is this that any the other, this is an area for text all about deano, I guess we can call it the profile of deano, this is where we will tell the story of deano, where did he come from, where is he now and where does he see himself, give some history about deano here too, just chat about him, like I am doing so challenging and exhausting.


It looks nice to have text below the image too, my advice, add to the text with even more info about deano, you will follow the same format for the other wrestlers too, and in effect you will end up with a decent profile page for each wrestling.


  • 13 Years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Training Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
  • USAW Level 1 Certified Instructor
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Certified Therapist
  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • APEX Certified Personal Trainer