The Vampire Warrior’ Gangrel

‘The Vampire Warrior’ Gangrel:

WWE Legend


They don’t come more ferocious and terrifying than the WWE superstar Gangrel. The sabre toothed ‘Vampire Warrior’ has toured All Star Promotions for many years and battled some of Britain’s finest such as current NXT Trainers Robbie Brookside and James Mason and formed ‘World Riot Squads’ throughout the years with fellow international talent P.N Neus, Sam Adonis and Brody Steele.

ASW Highlights: Featured bouts against James Mason, Doug Williams, Dean Allmark, Robbie Brookside, Drew McIntyre, Oliver Grey, Max Moran, Justin Hammer, The Hooligans, Tony Spitfire, AJ Anderson, Big Vito, Daniel Bryan, Renee Dupree, Nick Aldi’s, Doug Williams, Nigel McGuinness, Domino, Steve Sonic, Frankie Sloan.