All Star Grapplevine


Friday 22 Sept – LEAMINGTON Royal Spa Centre (7.30pm) AB 01926-334418

Sunday 24 Sept – DUNSTABLE Grove Theatre (4pm) AB 01582-602080

Friday 29 Sept – NEW BRIGHTON Floral Pavilion (7.30pm) AB 0151-6660000

Sunday 1 October – BASILDON Towngate Theatre (3pm) AB 01268-465465

Friday 6 October – EPSOM Playhouse Theatre (7.30pm) AB:01372-742555

Friday 6 October – TELFORD Oakengates Theatre(7.30pm) AB:01952-38238



Writer: Russell Plummer  Photos: Tony Knox

Bravado staying to face title challengers

Superslam stars, l to r: Harlem Bravado, James Mason, Oliver Grey and Thunder.

ALTHOUGH the Bravados had a parting of the ways when elder brother Lance returned to the United States at the end of a spell of British summer action, his younger sibling, reigning Superstar Championship holder Harlem Bravado is still very much part of the home scene and has made it abundantly clear he is here to stay and more than ready to face any or all of the contenders All Star Wrestling put in his path. The brothers who made their name with tag exploits for Ring of Honor on the other side of the Atlantic before making their heading to Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan, were back together for meetings with our top combinations but Harlem is now very much on the solo trail. Leading a queue of contenders hopeful of getting a crack at the country’s most prestigious wrestling belt through October include former champions Dean Allmark and James Mason while Oliver Grey is just as eager to continue a winning streak developed through two years of American action with WWE’s Florida development territory NXT. South London-born Mason is the most experienced of the trio having first stepped into the All Star spotlight as a teenag at Croydon’s much missed Fairfield Hall, now in the middle of a lengthy closure due to restoration. Dean Allmark was one of a crop of high fliers who emerged in the 1960s and has also had success on the tag front with partners including Mason. There’s also Superslam interest from metal masked monster Thunder who has the weight, experience and determination to make life tough for the champion.

Xia Brookside – the girl with ambition

Facing the camera (l to r): Xia Brookside, Connie Steele, Jetta and Toni Storm.

XIA BROOKSIDE is back from a first tour to Japan determined to maintain her whirlwind progress towards the top of the ladies wrestling tree after action last year in the United States and an April 2017 visit to Berlin for the German Women’s Wrestling Revolution tournament featuring eight top female stars. Xia, step daughter of former British favourite Robbie Brookside, now a top WWE coach in the USA, made her professional debut as recently as May 2015 after getting her grounding at the Brookside Training School, started by Robbie, in Leicester. There is also a growing rivalry between Xia and the off-spring of another noted wrestling star, Connie Stevens, daughter of former ladies ring legend Klondyke Kate. And the word is that Weymouth-based Connie is now developing the sort of unruly style that made her mum such a force in the 1970s and 1980s. Connie has already been seen in explosive matches against Welsh challenger Aurora Skye and has renewed hostilities with Coventry’s 190 pounds comeback campaigner Jetta and the ever energetic Toni Storm.

Guitar man Diamond Steele coming back

On parade: Diamond Steele, Charlie G, Dean Allmark and Tyson Taylor.

AMERICA’S wrestling guitar man Diamond Steele made such an impression in All Star rings during the summer that he is being brought back for a further tour in October. Seen previously in one-on-one bouts as well as tagging with Chris Silvio in the ‘Rock Superstars tag team. Hailing from West Hollywood Steele, standing five-foot-ten and weighing 220 pounds, he was trained by well-known globetrotter Tracy Smothers and made his professional debut in 2011 for Ohio Valley Wrestling before going on to feature for TNA. One previous opponent who will be keen to do battle again is Bath’s 25 year-old speed merchant Charlie G who has continued his climb towards the top through 2017 so far.

All Star Training begin new sessions

AFTER a busy summer schedule for trainers and students the All Star Wrestling School has re-opened at its new North Wirral base on the second floor of Jumpin Josephs trampoline park in Nestonl. Sessions are every Sunday from 10am to 1pm with American trainer Harlem Bravado and on Monday evenings with head coach Dean Allmark (seen above right with top prospect Tyson Taylor) in charge.. Training fee is £10 on pay as you go basis. Dean looks forward to seeing school regulars as well as some new blood and for information call 07738-330316. This is also the number for details of the popular birthday parties that can be arranged at Jumpin Josephs.

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